Monday, March 5, 2018

Chapter 28-Twinbrook or Bust

Author's Note-I have a glitch which I believe is caused by the bistro oven that is duplicating NPCs every single day.  I get messages like this 5 times per sim day:

All with new names and for different areas where a NPC works.  Raven has had two maids at her house.

This is not fair.  Raven has two maids and I don't even have one.  Pity they are both male.  It would have come in handy if the game didn't crawl.

The worst part is sending the kids to school.  This picture was taken at 11:00 or 12:00 and some of the kids in town made it into school.  After a while I get the "skipping school" status and I have to click "Go to school" to get rid of it.  I did place another school close to Raven's house and all the kids seemed to transfer to the new school instead and no one was at the old one.  Grades were suffering for all the kids and Mac was constantly scolding and grounding them for poor grades which weren't their fault.

Due to the over population of NPCs the town is very glitchy, laggy and will error 12 after 20 minutes of game play.  I have tried using the MC kill sim option to remove them but that only generates more.  I also have glitches due to the IFs I'm not making real so I decided that it is best to cut Raven and Mac's visit to Riverview short.  I do have a lot of targets for both Raven and Mac that we are missing but maybe we can do a return visit in the future.

I will be playing out the time with the 5 children born in Riverview and the two IFs that were made real.  I will be moving Raven, Mac and Lulu into a fresh save file and a fresh copy of the house they are currently living in once they move to Twinbrook.  I have to be honest until recently I haven't played Twinbrook and I'm not impressed with the baby daddies there but I said I would hit every city so I am.

Lulu the dog will be receiving the ltw potion for dogs to keep her alive.  If there were age freeze for dogs I would do it but we don't have it.

I will not be using the bistro oven anymore and no more IFs will be made real.

Ok onto the last update in Riverview:

Moonbeam was going through one of her moody teenage days and she wanted to cut and dye her hair.  I gave her a short hairstyle and brightened the green she already had in her hair.

Mac like every evil sim likes to sneak up and scare people.  I do wonder if it is wise for him to scare Hunter though.  Hunter is his boss and Mac does work for a shady bunch of guys.

For a minute there I was wondering who was teaching who to play dead.  Well finally Lulu did pick up the trick and now she knows all of them.

It's Birthday time again.  This time Maverick ages into a teen.

Considering the game is so laggy and the last party was a living nightmare of glitches for me we just have the cake.  I can't say it was bad as the whole family was cheering him on.

Just because we are trying to get out of here fast doesn't mean we don't raise the children correctly.  I actually love this interaction and I can never get enough of it.

I really do like how the dining room is set up for the birthday cakes but I can't really have the walls up for the pictures.  You know what screw it, we will just have the walls down for birthday cake pictures from now on.

Happy Birthday Ross!

I guess Raven is playing some party music for them.  How sweet of her.  Time for the make overs and I forgot to do Maverick's earlier so I will do them both now.

Maverick Ivanov

Friendly, Star Quality, Absent Minded, Supernatural Skeptic

Ross Cottoneye

Brave, Excitable, Clumsy.  I don't think I mentioned this before but he was named after Ross from Friends.  I am going to start using a naming theme for this challenge starting with the next baby in Twinbrook not sure what it will be yet.

Wow they are all actually sitting down eating birthday cake together and it looks like Ross can't wait to use the Rocking Horse.

Time for the Prom again.


Kitty (I have to fix her hair)




Maverick is sneaking out because he broke curfew and Mac grounded him.  Mac is at work now and Raven is dining out for an opportunity.  He also had a wish to sneak out so this is the perfect time to.  However for his sake, he better sneak in before Mac gets home from work.  There will be hell to pay if he doesn't.

As I said before Raven had to go out to eat for an opportunity and after she had to promote the restaurant to three sims.  She was promoting to George Dean who happened to be the next baby daddy on deck, sorry George.  If we do make it back to Riverview I'll put you on the top of the list. While she was doing that look who passed by, Hope Carpenter (now Caspian she married Billy) with one of Raven's grandchildren.  Hope had twins a girl named Lydnsey and a boy named Garrett.  I have no idea where the boy is but this is Lyndsey.  She needs a makeover.

She looks better now but she favors her mother more than her father.  She also is a human.  I will have to check on her twin brother next.

Well Mac wasn't the one that caught him this time.  Raven revoked his privileges, no TV for a day.  I didn't know they could do that in Sims 3 but I guess they can.

I guess Mac is not such a bad guy he autonomously let Maverick off the hook.  Either that or he sees potential for evil in Maverick.

I meant to get an earlier picture of Mac's son with Hope sooner but than again this game is not running very good.  As soon as we can get out of here we are.  I'm probably will leave as soon as the girls are aged up as this game is getting frustrating at this point.

Thank God Rhonda's Birthday!  The first one is leaving.

Rhonda McGlum  Absent Minded, Natural Cook, Athletic, Evil, Clumsy

It's a shame that the game was giving me trouble.  I was going to hold her back so she could get me that refrigerator from the culinary career.  I guess I will have to wait for another Natural Cook.

Yay another birthday!  But what is going on in the kitchen......

Oh Damn I forgot to roll her age back.  Damn now she is going to be an......

Elder.   No worries we will take care of this.  We have fountain of youth elixir and young again but first Coco needs to age up.

Which she just did.  It looks like Kitty had some trouble at the potion table and Mac needs to get dressed.

At least they are all eating their cake together.  Ok where is the old lady?

Playing in the sandbox of course.

Ok time to get young again you still need 61 more kids to give birth to.

Raven will be getting her Twinbrook makeover early.  She is not looking like this for the remainder of Riverview.

Raven first and now Coco's makeover

Coco McGlum

Insane, Loner, Clumsy, Athletic, Night Owl

Now it is time for Rhonda and Coco to leave.

Last child in Riverview!  Only teens now

I'll be so happy when we can have real parties again.  At least they are happy.

I would send Ross in for a makeover but as time goes by the game gets lags and errors more and more.  Could this be any more frustrating?  (Ok I know that is a Chandler line but it fits here)

New school, same problem!

Do you want to know how glitchy this game is.  This is Kitty learning to drive!  Seriously Raven is off playing games on her phone and Kitty is learning to drive this way.  I'm sure many parents wish it were that easy.

Let's get Moonbeam out of here!

Moonbeam Caspian

Loser, Photographer's Eye, Cat Person, Kleptomaniac, Heavy Sleeper

Kitty's turn.  I'll be out of here soon!

Kitty Caspian

Kleptomaniac, Artistic, Rebellious, Excitable, Vehicle Enthusiast

Alva goes next.

Alva Caspian

Disciplined, Lucky, Loves the heat, Unknown, Absent-Minded, Coward

Ok I said I would age them all and move but the save file is too unbearable for me now and if I spend another day in it I think I will scream.  Ross has a way to go but Maverick is almost ready to age up so both will do it in Twinbrook.  However there is one bit of business we need to take care of before we go.  

I still get messages about Maverick's IF.  We will make the creepy doll real and bring him to Twinbrook too.  At this point I really don't think the IF glitch is causing the problems I am pretty sure its the bistro oven glitch but I am not taking any chances.  Besides I should age up at least one male creepy doll.

This is Strider Ivanov and he might just be baby daddy material.  After all he isn't Raven's son.

Ok time to move see everyone in Twinbrook