Saturday, July 22, 2017

Chapter 23-Riverview's Most Wanted Mackenzie Lothario

Raven, Mac, Lulu and Buzby arrived in Riverview.  Their house wasn't ready but they took temporary residence in this small house.  Raven hasn't had a baby in quite a while and she is just itching to get back in action so first male she runs into is going to be one happy man.  Well happy until the child support bill hits him.  I wonder who the lucky fellow will be?

Of course this would be the first male she runs into but Raven has a way of fixing this thanks to an idea from Shafer249.

New town mean we get to play fun with elixirs again.  Bennie here gets to be a genie and .....

and he gets to be young again.  I really should save these fountain of youth potions for Mac as he can't impregnate elders but Raven can use elders. However since they just arrived in Riverview we will make an exception for these two guys since they welcomed Raven into town.

Well at least he is not an old man now.  Now for just one more change, Raven hasn't given birth to a fairy or a witch yet.  Heads for Blessing of the Fae and tales for Witches Brew.

Henry is a fairy now. Time for some good clean fun.

and baby #35 is on the way.

*Prays that the baby doesn't get his nose*

Moving Day the new house is ready.

I guess it was close to night when they moved into the house because I can't find the daytime picture.  There is a better way to see the house though as this house was made for Raven and Mac by romagi1 who did an amazing job on this house. Here are the links to her slide show and to the download of beautiful house.

As soon as Raven moves in she finds out that she is pregnant again.  #35 is on the way.

I wanted to do a side challenge and I thought about doing all the skills and skill challenges but Trevor and Carissa are doing that.  I would rather do something different with Raven and Mac instead.  I decided I would have Raven and Mac work on some badges I don't have yet.  Vuneca inspired this idea when she asked if I was going to the steal candy badge which I think Mac decided to go for on his own.  Right now Mac is joining the criminal career so he can go for the Steal with Style Badge which is to have an Evil Sim become a master thief and steal candy from 20 babies.  We will start counting as soon as he becomes a master thief.  He will than quit the job and go on the second career path (hopefully that is possible) and he will go for Evil Sweets badge which is to serve 20 batches of great cookies while being the emperor of evil.

Damn Raven I'll get you to a hospital you don't have to reach in and pull out the baby yourself. You know better as you have already been through this 34 times before.

Believe it or not for the first time in a long time Raven only had one baby.  It's a girl and Raven's first fairy baby.  Name courtesy of the Beach Boy song playing on the radio right now.

Meet Rhonda McGlum. Evil and Athletic.  It doesn't look like she got the nose thank heavens.

There are no teenagers around and Mac is at work so it looks like Raven will have to teach this toddler to potty by herself

as well as walking and talking.

Is Mac trying to nail that female cop?  Please tell me this is some kind of role play you are now into.

Damn Mac did you really have to get arrested on your first day!  Oh well you can nail that cop later and we will put her name on the multiple baby list.

Idiot cops.  If they take away a vampire's plasma fruit how is he going to get any nourishment? Other prisoners!  Stupid fools.

While Mac is in the slammer life goes on at the Allure house.  Lulu is happy as a clam playing with her ball.  She has also become an excellent hunter and has found some tiberium.  Good girl Lulu!

And Raven has to take care of her babies by herself.  Than again its only 1 baby this time so this should be a piece of cake for her.

Mac was released immediately.  I guess when the police had to start sending prisoners for blood transfusions they thought it best just to let him go.  Now Raven can start accepting party invitations.  She decided to get to know Melvin Taft but she is not wasting her fountain of youth potions.  Mac has them now and he will be looking for Ma Bagley pretty soon.

Stupid Melvin *aka the newest werewolf in town thanks to Raven) flirting right in front of his wife.  Why she is letting him get away with it I don't know.

Meanwhile Raven moved onto Aiden Jones.  She did have to cut this short as she started to feel a bit ill.  Nope not morning sickness yet but she came down with a cold.  Not surprising as this was a pool party in the middle of winter.  They should all be freezing their asses off.  I sent her down to the hospital to get a flu shot but I think she found more.

Sorry the pictures are dark but that is Billy Caspian and he is on our Riverview hit list.  Raven also finished teaching Rhonda all her skills and brought her to the library to read the books.  It's time to get pregnant again and we have reeled one in but where can we get the deed done?

This is one thing good about the snow.  They can build their own woohoo spots anywhere they like.  If there is a hidden igloo building skill Raven is going to max it out before baby #100 is born.

Baby #36 is now on the way!

This is actually the next day.  She found out she was pregnant outside at night in the snow.

Lulu seems to really like the babies which is good since there will be plenty of them around.

Time to age Rhonda up and with my luck Raven will be going into labor at any minute. Always happens at parties in all of my games.

Rhonda McGlum-Evil, Athletic, Clumsy.

Mac would love to land his plane on Heather's runway.

It looks like he might get that chance.

Or maybe not.  His mother going into labor is definitely a mood killer.

It's a girl!  Her name is Kitty Caspian.

and it's another girl.  Her name is Alva.  Somehow Mac walked in but Billy walked out.  I didn't get a picture of Mac walking in and he definitely didn't walk out but he was home. The glitches of Riverview are starting early.

Kitty Caspian-Excitable and Artistic

Alva Caspian-Absent Minded and Loves the Heat.

I seen a lot of their father in them so I brought him into CAS to compare.  Both girls have his eyes and Alva has his hair.

Just for comparison I took a picture of him without the hat and glasses.  I made sure to put them back on as I do associate those will Billy. and I'll probably put both Alva and Kitty in glasses with a hat too.  I have to start using those accessories more often and this is a perfect reason to do so.

Oh Boy the Absent minded kid who loves the heat is outside playing in the sandbox in the snow.

I went to find Raven who was actually queued up to change Alva's outfit.  I will give her credit for realizing that Alva needed to be in her outerwear. I let her do that and I directed her to teach to walk but inside the house not in the snow.

Potty Training right after she learned to walk.

Who is Rhonda talking to?

The creepy doll that we will be making real.  Rhonda already has the potion in her inventory. Neither Raven or Mac can make it yet but Joey Langerak made a few in Sunset Valley that Raven still has in her inventory.  Rhonda doesn't have the option to make her real yet but I am hoping that she will have it soon.  I seriously hate those dolls.  I know this means Raven and Mac will have double work for each child born in Riverview but I am such a gluton for punishment its not funny anymore.  I'm already regretting this rule I made.


Raven will definitely be calling this repairman over again.  There are some nails that need hammering in the bedroom.

Well that is a newsflash.  She has had 37 children out of wedlock and she isn't stopping anytime soon.

Authors Note:  The furthest I have ever gone in a baby challenge is 37 and Raven has now matched it.  I have no doubts that I will continue this challenge until completed.

I would like to thank Romagi1 again for the wonderful house that she has created for Raven.


  1. LOL well they are off to the races in Riverview. Raven 3 girls wonder if that mean Mac will be back to producing boys.

    Good luck with your extra challenges. You are a glutton for punishment, but I get it. You have to have side things to make it interesting.

    1. I know it is so strange that Raven is so far having all girls in Riverview. Because Mac is busy with the job it has slowed him down a bit but he will be back in action in no time at all.

      The extra challenge does make it more interesting as I'm going to try and get more of those badges as I go along.

  2. OOOh! Nice house! it looks amazing inside and out!

    I love the picture of Lulu with toddler Rhonda, so cute!

    Good luck on earning those badges! I get a kick every time I complete one on accident. Some seem so impossible to me!

    I am so happy you've stuck with this challenge for so long! I think the most I've ever had was 22. My sim was a call girl. I still have the save and always think about dusting it off when I read one of your updates. Your stories are always so much more amusing though!

    1. Romagi did such a wonderful job on the house and it is so perfect for this challenge. If I have to travel to another city which I believe I will the house is going with them.

      Thank you so much for giving me the idea to go for those badges. This challenge can be a bit redundant if you don't change things after a while.

      I'm determined to finish it but as you see I am taking my time with it. The main thing is to keep having fun with the family even if you have to change things around. I love that idea of having your baby mama as a call girl. Please post a link if you do decide to revisit it.